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Reduce Hay Fever and Asthma Symptoms with Pollen Guard’s Dust & Pollen Resistant Screens.

For the millions of Australians that suffer from Dust & Pollen Allergies, now you can open your windows and patio doors with Pollen Guard’s Dust & Pollen Resistant Screens.

Dust Guard & the Poll-Tex Pollen Screen are a revolutionary screening product that provides protection against Insects, Dust & Pollen. Our screens simply replace your existing Insect Screens or can be added with new installations of screen frames.

Our Screens have been Lab Tested and Proven by ECARF ( European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) for it’s effectiveness against Pollen. 

Compared to a conventional fiber glass insect screen:

 Pollen Guard

  • reduces up to 99.7% of Pollen.

  • reduces Dust.

  • reduces Visibility by approx 20% . 

  • reduces Air-Flow by approx 30%

  • Static coated to capture Pollen.

Download installation instructions here.

Dust Guard Screen

  • reduces Dust.

  • reduces Visibility by approx 20% . 

  • reduces Air-Flow by approx 30%

  • Nano Coated Screen to help repel dust and for easy cleaning

Download installation instructions here

Benefits include:
  • Reduces Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) and Asthma symptoms caused by Pollen & Dust Allergen

  • Lets Cleaner Air into your Living Space.

  • Reduces Cleaning (dusting)

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Why Install Fly screen?

With fly screen doors, insect screens and flyscreens and you can now open your doors and windows without having to worry about flies and insects. This allows you to save on lighting by letting the sunshine across your rooms. It also allows  you to save on cooling/heating costs by allowing the cool breeze to enter your home, allowing it to cool down during summers and allowing the sun and its warmth to enter during chilly days.

For specs and more information on our Anti Pollen Screen Protection Window Allergy Filter Screen , please visit our Products Page.

Retail or all other inquiries, please contact us by email:  info (at) pollenguard.com.au